Medicina Intensiva  (English Edition) Medicina Intensiva  (English Edition)
Section: Original articles
Results and functional outcomes of acute ischemic stroke patients who underwent mechanical thrombectomy admitted to intensive care unit
L. Viña Soria, L. Martín Iglesias, L. López Amor, I. Astola Hidalgo, R. Rodríguez García, L. Forcelledo Espina, J.A. Gonzalo Guerra, S. de Cima Iglesias, E. Murias Quintana, P. Vega Valdés, S. Calleja Puerta, D. Escudero Augusto
Med Intensiva 2018;42:274-82
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Incidence and evolution of sepsis-induced cardiomyopathy in a cohort of patients with sepsis and septic shock
I. Narváez, A. Canabal, C. Martín, M. Sánchez, A. Moron, J. Alcalá, S. Giacoman, M. Magro
Med Intensiva 2018;42:283-91
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Antimicrobial stewardship programme in critical care medicine: A prospective interventional study
J. Ruiz, P. Ramirez, M. Gordon, E. Villarreal, J. Frasquet, J.L. Poveda-Andres, M. Salavert-Lletí, A. Catellanos
Med Intensiva 2018;42:266-73
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Severe vitamin D deficiency upon admission in critically ill patients is related to acute kidney injury and a poor prognosis
A. Zapatero, I. Dot, Y. Diaz, M.P. Gracia, P. Pérez-Terán, C. Climent, J.R. Masclans, J. Nolla
Med Intensiva 2018;42:216-24
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Effect of 3 basic life support training programs in future primary school teachers. A quasi-experimental design
R. Navarro-Patón, M. Freire-Tellado, S. Basanta-Camiño, R. Barcala-Furelos, V. Arufe-Giraldez, J.E. Rodriguez-Fernández
Med Intensiva 2018;42:207-15
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Free articleAssociation between exposure to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers prior to septic shock and acute kidney injury
B. Suberviola, E. Rodrigo, A. Gonz??lez-Castro, M. Serrano, M. Heras, ??. Castellanos-Ortega
Med Intensiva 2017;41:21-7
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Free articleDeclining mortality due to severe sepsis and septic shock in Spanish intensive care units: A two-cohort study in 2005 and 2011
B. S??nchez, R. Ferrer, D. Suarez, E. Romay, E. Piacentini, G. Gom??, M.L. Mart??nez, A. Artigas
Med Intensiva 2017;41:28-37
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Free articleImpact of the implementation of a Sepsis Code hospital protocol in antibiotic prescription and clinical outcomes in an intensive care unit
L. Garc??a-L??pez, S. Grau-Cerrato, A. de Frutos-Soto, F. Bobillo-De Lamo, R. C??tores-G??nzalez, F. Diez-Gutierrez, M.F. Mu??oz-Moreno, T. S??nchez-S??nchez, F. Gand??a-Mart??nez, D. Andaluz-Ojeda
Med Intensiva 2017;41:12-20
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Free articleAlpha code. The start of a new non-heart beating donor program
J.M. Pérez-Villares, R. Lara-Rosales, F. Pino-Sánchez, P. Fuentes-García, E. Gil-Piñero, A. Osuna Ortega, J.M. Cozar Olmo
Med Intensiva 2013;37:224-31
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Free articlePrognosis of elderly patients subjected to mechanical ventilation in the ICU
J.M. Añon, V. Gómez-Tello, E. González-Higueras, V. Córcoles, M. Quintana, A. García de Lorenzo, J.J. Oñoro, C. Martín-Delgado, A. García-Fernández, L. Marina, F. Gordo, G. Choperena, R. Díaz-Alersi, J.C. Montejo, J. López-Martínez
Med Intensiva 2013;37:149-55
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Free articleOutcome of tracheotomized patients following reintubation
O. Peñuelas, F. Frutos-Vivar, F. Gordo, C. Apezteguía, M.I. Restrepo, M. González, Y. Arabi, C. Santos, J.A. Alhashemi, F. Pérez, A. Esteban, A. Anzueto
Med Intensiva 2013;37:142-8
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Free articleWithdrawal syndrome in the pediatric intensive care unit. Incidence and risk factors
F. Fernández-Carrión, M. Gaboli, R. González-Celador, P. Gómez de Quero-Masía, S. Fernández-de Miguel, V. Murga-Herrera, O. Serrano-Ayestarán, J.M. Sánchez-Granados, R. Payo-Pérez
Med Intensiva 2013;37:67-74
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Free articleIntraventricular hemorrhage treated with intraventricular fibrinolysis. A 10-year experience
S. Castaño Ávila, E. Corral Lozano, A. Vallejo De La Cueva, J. Maynar Moliner, A. Martín López, F. Fonseca San Miguel, J.A. Urturi Matos, A. Manzano Ramírez
Med Intensiva 2013;37:61-6
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Free articleUrethral catheter-related urinary infection in critical patients admitted to the ICU. Descriptive data of the ENVIN-UCI STUDY
F. Álvarez-Lerma, M.P. Gracia-Arnillas, M. Palomar, P. Olaechea, J. Insausti, M.J. López-Pueyo, J.J. Otal, R. Gimeno, I. Seijas
Med Intensiva 2013;37:75-82
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Free articleAlcohol and/or drug abuse favors trauma recurrence and reduces the trauma-free period
S. Cordovilla Guardia, S. Rodríguez-Bolaños, F. Guerrero López, R. Lara-Rosales, F. Pino Sánchez, A. Rayo, E. Fernández-Mondéjar
Med Intensiva 2013;37:6-11
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Free articleApplication of Medical Information Systems for the detection of high risk patients: Rapid care alerts. Pilot study of the RCA-Son Llàtzer Project
L. Socías Crespí, G. Heras La Calle, V.M. Estrada Rodríguez, A. García Sánchez, P. Ibáñez-Lucía
Med Intensiva 2013;37:19-26
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