Medicina Intensiva  (English Edition) Medicina Intensiva  (English Edition)
Section: Review
Free articleDo sedation and analgesia contribute to long-term cognitive dysfunction in critical care survivors?
S. Fernandez-Gonzalo, M. Turon, C. De Haro, J. López-Aguilar, M. Jodar, L. Blanch
Med Intensiva 2018;42:114-28
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Free articleIneffective cough and mechanical mucociliary clearance techniques
A. Fernández-Carmona, L. Olivencia-Peña, M.E. Yuste-Ossorio, L. Peñas-Maldonado
Med Intensiva 2018;42:50-9
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Free articleOrgan donor management: Eight common recommendations and actions that deserve reflection
C. Chamorro-Jambrina, M.R. Muñoz-Ramírez, J.L. Martínez-Melgar, M.S. Pérez-Cornejo
Med Intensiva 2017;41:559-68
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Free articleMechanical ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome: The open lung revisited
L. Amado-Rodríguez, C. del Busto, E. García-Prieto, G.M. Albaiceta
Med Intensiva 2017;41:550-8
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Free articleEarly mobilization: Why, what for and how?
A.R. Miranda Rocha, B.P. Martinez, V.Z. Maldaner da Silva, L.A. Forgiarini Junior
Med Intensiva 2017;41:429-36
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Free articleReal-time random safety audits: A transforming tool adapted to new times
M. Bodí, I. Oliva, M.C. Martín, G. Sirgo
Med Intensiva 2017;41:368-76
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Free articleIndications of dexmedetomidine in the current sedoanalgesia trends in the critical patient
M.A. Romera Ortega, C. Chamorro Jambrina, I. Lipperheide Vallhonrat, I. Fernández Simón
Med Intensiva 2014;38:41-8
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Free articleGoogle Scholar and the h-index in biomedicine: The popularization of bibliometric assessment
A. Cabezas-Clavijo, E. Delgado-López-Cózar
Med Intensiva 2013;37:343-54
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Free articleThe impact of lung transplantation on ICU personnel
N. Masnou, J. Rello
Med Intensiva 2013;37:206-8
Free articleCranioplasty with bandaging: New forms of limitation of life support and organ donation
D. Escudero, L. Cofiño, D. Gracia, M. Palacios, M. Casares, L. Cabré, P. Simón, P. Miranda, K. Martínez, S. Iribarren, I. Saralegui, R.M. Simó, B. de León, V. Español
Med Intensiva 2013;37:180-4
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Free articleE. coli O104:H4 outbreak and haemolytic–uraemic syndrome
B. Borgatta, N. Kmet-Lunaček, J. Rello
Med Intensiva 2012;36:576-83
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Free articleTreatment alternatives in massive hemorrhage
E. Fernández-Hinojosa, F. Murillo-Cabezas, A. Puppo-Moreno, S.R. Leal-Noval
Med Intensiva 2012;36:496-503
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Free articleExploration and approach to artificial airway dysphagia
A. Fernández-Carmona, L. Peñas-Maldonado, E. Yuste-Osorio, A. Díaz-Redondo
Med Intensiva 2012;36:423-33
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Free articleKounis syndrome
P. Rico Cepeda, E. Palencia Herrejón, M.M. Rodríguez Aguirregabiria
Med Intensiva 2012;36:358-64
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Free articleInterpretation of ventilator curves in patients with acute respiratory failure
E. Correger, G. Murias, E. Chacon, A. Estruga, B. Sales, J. Lopez-Aguilar, J. Montanya, U. Lucangelo, O. Garcia-Esquirol, A. Villagra, J. Villar, R.M. Kacmarek, M.J. Burgueño, L. Blanch
Med Intensiva 2012;36:294-306
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Free articleCerebral microdialysis in the current clinical setting
J. Revuelto-Rey, J.J. Egea-Guerrero, M.A. Muñoz-Sánchez, F. Murillo-Cabezas
Med Intensiva 2012;36:213-9
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Free articleUrinary tract colonization and infection in critically ill patients
M.J. López, J.A. Cortés
Med Intensiva 2012;36:143-51
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