Medicina Intensiva  (English Edition) Medicina Intensiva  (English Edition)
Section: Scientific letters
Trigger reverse identification in critical care setting
F. Ruiz Ferrón, J.M. Serrano Simón
Med Intensiva 2018;42:391-3
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Near fatal bronchospasm and bradycardia after carbetocin administration
O.R. Pérez-Nieto, J.A. Castañón-González, I.M. Lima-Lucero, L.A. Gorordo Delsol
Med Intensiva 2018;42:319-21
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Central airway obstruction due to inflammatory bowel disease and rescue with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
M. Ramírez-Romero, B. Hernández-Alonso, C. García-Polo, A.J. Abraldes-Bechiarelli, A. Garrino-Fernández, A. Gordillo-Brenes
Med Intensiva 2018;42:317-9
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Free articleWhich multi-trauma patients benefit from performing a total-body CT?
S. Dios-Barbeito, V. Durán-Muñoz-Cruzado, C. Martín-García, M. Rubio-Manzanares-Dorado, F.J. Padillo-Ruiz, F. Pareja-Ciuró
Med Intensiva 2018;42:129-31
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Free articleSerum gelsolin levels in aneurismal subarachnoid hemorrhage: Preliminary results
A. Rodríguez-Rodríguez, J.J. Egea-Guerrero, Z. Ruiz de Azúa-López, G. Rivera-Rubiales, Á. Vilches-Arenas, F. Murillo-Cabezas
Med Intensiva 2018;42:62-4
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Free articleTreatment with carfilzomib. Should these patients be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit?
R. Rodríguez-García, M.J. Espina, L. Viña, I. Astola, L. López-Amor, D. Escudero
Med Intensiva 2018;42:60-2
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Free articleThiopental and false hypernatremia: Check your analyzer
P. García-Soler, M. Amores-Torres, S. Sanchiz-Cárdenas, J.M. González-Gómez, A. Dayaldasani, G. Milano-Manso
Med Intensiva 2017;41:573-4
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Free articleAssessment of the reliability of the accelerometers feedback devices depending on the surface on which cardiopulmonary resuscitation is performed
M. Freire Tellado, R. Navarro Patón, M.P. Pavón Prieto, J.D. Vázquez López, J. Mateos Lorenzo, M.A. Neira Pájaro
Med Intensiva 2017;41:569-70
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Free articleSinusal reversion of supraventricular tachyarrhythmias after propofol administration. A case series
J. Montero-Tinnirello, M. Magaldi, J. Fontanals, P. Masgoret, J.C. Bravo
Med Intensiva 2017;41:499-501
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Free articleControl of an Acinetobacter baumannii multidrug resistance endemic in the ICU. Recalling the obvious
D. Escudero, L. Cofiño, L. Forcelledo, B. Quindós, C. Calleja, L. Martín
Med Intensiva 2017;41:497-9
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Free articleProgressive encephalopathy associated with nutritional deficiencies: Identifying patients at high risk for developing thiamine deficiency
M.D. Freire-Aragón, E. Fernández Delgado, J. Carbajal-Guerrero, G. Ribera-Rubiales
Med Intensiva 2017;41:439-41
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Free articleExtracorporeal membrane oxygenation support for Takotsubo syndrome and long QT after cardiac surgery
M. García-Delgado, D. García-Huertas, I. Navarrete-Sánchez, L. Olivencia-Peña, J.M. Garrido
Med Intensiva 2017;41:441-3
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Free articlePercutaneous management of massive pulmonary thromboembolism
J.C. Castro-Garay, A. Uribarri, I. Cruz-González, J. Martín-Moreiras, P.L. Sánchez
Med Intensiva 2017;41:437-9
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Free articlePenetrating neck trauma caused by an arrow in attempted suicide
V. Muñoz-Cruzado, J.J. Segura-Sampedro, A. Marchal Santiago, F. López Bernal, F. Pareja Ciuró, F.J. Padillo Ruiz
Med Intensiva 2017;41:379-81
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Free articleInfluence of morphine treatment on in-hospital mortality among patients with acute heart failure
A. Dominguez-Rodriguez, P. Avanzas, G. Burillo-Putze, P. Abreu-Gonzalez
Med Intensiva 2017;41:382-4
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Free articleCerebral venous thrombosis: A single disease with different approaches
M. Sevilla Martinez, M.C. Lorente Conesa, S. Silvente Fernandez, E. García Bautisita, F. Guerrero López
Med Intensiva 2017;41:377-9
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