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Vol. 47. Núm. 3.
Páginas 186-187 (Marzo 2023)
Images in Intensive Medicine
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An unusual foreign body aspiration
Un cuerpo extraño insólito en vía aérea
J.C. Suarez Monteroa,
Autor para correspondencia

Corresponding author.
, A. Cordon-Abaldea, A. Torrego Fernándezb
a Intensive Care Department, Hospital Universitario de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain
b Bronchoscopy Unit, Respiratory Department, Hospital Universitario de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain
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A 77-year-old gentleman was admitted in ICU for respiratory arrest secondary to foreign body aspiration while having dinner. Immediately after intubation and connection to mechanical ventilation, a ventilator alert showed peak inspiratory pressure increased. Emergency bronchoscopy was indicated. Bronchoscopy showed an unusual foreign body in the trachea until carina with obstruction at the distal lumen of the endotracheal tube (Fig. 1a and b). A 2.4mm cryoprobe was inserted through bronchoscope working channel. After several unsuccessful attempts to remove it through the 9mm endotracheal tube, the foreign body was moved up to the subglottic region attached to cryoprobe (Video). Direct laryngoscopy was then performed showing a foreign body (beef) under the vocal cords and hanging in the subglottic region. The “beef” (about 70 whole grams) (Fig. 2) was successfully removed with Magill's forceps. The patient was extubated and discharged from hospital 48h later fully recovered.

Figure 1
Figure 2
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We would like to acknowledge Dr Albert Rafecas for your help during the procedure and recording of images.

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