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Special content about coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Medicina Intensiva (English Edition)

Effect of FiO 2 in the measurement of VO 2 and VCO 2 using the E-COXV metabolic monitor
M. Ferreruela, J.M. Raurich, J.A. Llompart-Pou, A. Colomar, I. Ayestarán
Med Intensiva 2017;41:461-7
Open Article
Update on traumatic acute spinal cord injury. Part 2
M. Mourelo Fariña, S. Salvador de la Barrera, A. Montoto Marqués, M.E. Ferreiro Velasco, R. Galeiras Vázquez
Med Intensiva 2017;41:306-15
Open Article
Compliance-guided versus FiO 2 -driven positive-end expiratory pressure in patients with moderate or severe acute respiratory distress syndrome according to the Berlin definition
M.-C. Pintado, R. de Pablo, M. Trascasa, J.-M. Milicua, M. Sánchez-García
Med Intensiva 2017;41:277-84
Open Article
Comparative analysis between 2 periods of acute myocardial infarction after a decade in Mallorca. IBERIA Study (1996–1998) and Infarction-Code (2008–2010)
L. Socias, G. Frontera, C. Rubert, A. Carrillo, V. Peral, A. Rodriguez, C. Royo, M. Ferreruela, J. Torres, R. Elosua, A. Bethencourt, M. Fiol
Med Intensiva 2016;40:541-9
Open Article
Extracorporeal CO 2 removal: Technical and physiological fundaments and principal indications
E. Romay, R. Ferrer
Med Intensiva 2016;40:33-8
Open Article
Regional oxygen saturation index (rSO 2 ) in brachioradialis and deltoid muscle. Correlation and prognosis in patients with respiratory sepsis
A. Rodríguez, L. Claverias, J. Marín, M. Magret, S. Rosich, M. Bodí, S. Trefler, S. Pascual, J. Gea
Med Intensiva 2015;39:68-75
Open Article
Relationship between the alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient and PaO 2 /FiO 2 —Introducing peep into the model
M. Sánchez Casado, M. Quintana Díaz, D. Palacios, V. Hortigüela, C. Marco Schulke, J. García, A. Canabal, M.J. Pérez Pedrero, A. Velasco Ramos, M.A. Arrese
Med Intensiva 2012;36:329-34
Open Article
Medicina Intensiva (English Edition)

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