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Analgo-sedation strategies in patients with ECMO
M.A. Romera-Ortega, C. Chamorro-Jambrina
Available online 3 December 2022
Effect of a specific training program on patient-ventilator asynchrony detection and management
I.I. Ramírez, R. Gutiérrez-Arias, R.S. Adasme, D.H. Arellano, L. Felipe Damiani, F. Gordo-Vidal
Available online 3 December 2022
Implementation of a major trauma team. Analysis of activation and care times in patients admitted to the ICU
N. Montserrat Ortiz, J. Trujillano Cabello, M. Badia Castelló, J. Vilanova Corsellas, G. Jimenez Jimenez, J. Rubio Ruiz, A. Pujol Freire, D. Morales Hernandez, L. Servia Goixart
Available online 3 December 2022
Development of pectoral muscle atrophy in critically ill patients
O. Nosiglia, V. Cambón, P. Filippi, A. Ríos, Y. Romero, A. Vacca, C. Gaiero, M. Angulo
Available online 2 December 2022
Does chlorhexidine reduce the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia in ICU patients? A systematic review and meta-analysis
J.C. Cruz, C.K. Martins, J.E.V. Piassi, I.R. Garcia Júnior, J.F. Santiago Junior, L.P. Faverani
Available online 2 December 2022
Transfer support and coordination of critical patients during the COVID-19 pandemic by a regional command center
J. Trenado Alvarez, S. Solà Muñoz, O. Campos Escala, J.A. Morales Alvarez, Y. Azeli Jarosch, X. Jiménez Fabrega
Available online 2 December 2022
Hypoglycemic encephalopathy. The role of magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis
A. Álvarez Méndez, F.P. Delgado Moya, M. Valiente Fernandez
Available online 30 November 2022
Bronchial compression due to dilatated pulmonary artery without pulmonary hypertension
D.F. López Hormiga, D.M. Combarros Méndez, I. Keituqwa Yáñez
Available online 29 November 2022
Rapid atrial swirl sign and central venous catheterization
J.J. Tortajada-Soler, N. Vallejo-Calcerrada, P. Cuesta-Montero
Available online 23 November 2022
Aortic pseudoaneurism after penetrating chest trauma
M. Valiente Fernández, H. Fernández Hervás, A. Marcos Morales
Available online 17 November 2022
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