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Vol. 41. Issue 5.
Pages 265-326 (June - July 2017)
Sumario en español
Considerations on the low adherence to clinical practice guidelines
E. Fernández Mondéjar
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:265-6
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Open Article
What PEEP level should I use in my patient?
F. Gordo, I. Conejo
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:267-9
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Open Article
Assessment of knowledge and skills in using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) by university students. A quasi-experimental study
S. Basanta Camiño, R. Navarro Patón, M. Freire Tellado, R. Barcala Furelos, M.P. Pavón Prieto, M. Fernández López, M.A. Neira Pájaro
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:270-6
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Compliance-guided versus FiO2-driven positive-end expiratory pressure in patients with moderate or severe acute respiratory distress syndrome according to the Berlin definition
M.-C. Pintado, R. de Pablo, M. Trascasa, J.-M. Milicua, M. Sánchez-García
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:277-84
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Special article
Recommendations of the Working Groups from the Spanish Society of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine and Coronary Units (SEMICYUC) for the management of adult critically ill patients
A. Hernández-Tejedor, O. Peñuelas, G. Sirgo Rodríguez, J.A. Llompart-Pou, E. Palencia Herrejón, A. Estella, M.P. Fuset Cabanes, M.A. Alcalá-Llorente, P. Ramírez Galleymore, B. Obón Azuara, J.A. Lorente Balanza, C. Vaquerizo Alonso, M.A. Ballesteros Sanz, M. García García, J. Caballero López, A. Socias Mir, A. Serrano Lázaro, J.M. Pérez Villares, M.E. Herrera-Gutiérrez
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:285-305
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Series in intensive care medicine: traumatic acute spinal cord injury
Update on traumatic acute spinal cord injury. Part 2
M. Mourelo Fariña, S. Salvador de la Barrera, A. Montoto Marqués, M.E. Ferreiro Velasco, R. Galeiras Vázquez
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:306-15
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Point of view
Clinical information systems: An opportunity to measure value, investigate and innovate from the real world
M. Bodí, Ll. Blanch, R. Maspons
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:316-8
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Scientifics letters
Limbic encephalitis: The great unknown
B. Sosa-Torres, M.J. Prieto-Bragado, L.Á. Domínguez-Quintero, P. Fernández-Arroyo, E. Blasco-Ciscar, R. Cantó-Pérez
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:319-21
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Usefulness of ethomidate in patients with Cushing syndrome with severe arterial hypertension and hypopotassemia
C. Yun Castilla, F. Rodríguez Amuedo, A. Morales Martínez, J.P. López Siguero, M.J. Martínez Aedo, G. Milano Manso
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:321-2
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Letters to the editors
Major trauma in Spain
M. Sánchez-Pastor, M.J. Pérez-Díaz, F. Rosell-Ortiz
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:323
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Severe traumatic disease register in Spain
M. Chico-Fernández, J.A. Llompart-Pou, M. Sánchez-Casado, M.Á. Ballesteros-Sanz
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:324-5
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Image in intensive medicine
Intestinal ischemia secondary to mesenteric vessel avulsion in abdominal trauma
J. García-Espinosa, A. Martínez-Martínez, J.L. Díez-Vigil
Med Intensiva. 2017;41:326
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