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Acute respiratory failure secondary to massive laringeal papillomatosis
A. Ruiz Martínez, A. Zabalegui Pérez, P. Saiz-Lopez
Available online 25 June 2022
Transition from total parenteral nutrition to enteral nutrition in critically ill patients in Spain: A national survey
L. Pérez-Cordón, J.C. Yébenes, I. Martínez de Lagrán, L. Campins
Available online 25 June 2022
Blood donation from brain-dead patients: Feasible and ethical?
K.L. Nanwani Nanwani, B. Estébanez Montiel, J.A. García Erce, M. Quintana-Díaz
Available online 24 June 2022
Inferior vena cava obstruction due to complete thrombosis of the filtering device
M. Iturbe-Rementería, J.M. Luciano-Sánchez, N. Ruiz-Cañas
Available online 24 June 2022
Possible adverse effects of the blood donation from brain-dead patients
E. Jiménez-Guerra, J. Revuelto-Rey, N.S. Rocchetti, J.J. Egea-Guerrero
Available online 24 June 2022
Pulmonary aspergillosis in the intensive care unit: An underdiagnosed disease?
Á. Estella
Available online 24 June 2022
Reflections and aspects to consider about blood donation in brain-dead patients
K.L. Nanwani Nanwani, B. Estébanez Montiel, M. Quintana-Díaz, J.A. García Erce
Available online 24 June 2022
Spanish Society of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine and Coronary Units (SEMICYUC) and the Spanish Society of Pediatric Intensive Care (SECIP) consensus recommendations for ECMO transport
E. Argudo, A. Hernández-Tejedor, S. Belda Hofheinz, M.P. Fuset, A. Sanchez Galindo, P. Burgueño, J. Ballcels, J. Duerto, A. Morales Martínez, M. Martínez-Martínez, E. Morteruel Arizcuren, F. Pérez, A. Díaz Vico, J.A. Rubio Mateo-Sidrón
Available online 23 June 2022
Use of thoracic ultrasound in the assessment and follow-up of seriously ill children due to pediatric inflammatory multisystemic syndrome: Observational prospective study
A. González-Brabin, M. Cabrero-Hernández, A. García-Salido, I. Leoz-Gordillo, M.I. Iglesias-Bouzas, M. Nieto-Moro
Available online 19 June 2022
ECMO in ARDS: Key points of indication criteria and management
J. Riera
Available online 18 June 2022
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