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Clinical presentation and outcomes of acute heart failure in the critically ill patient: A prospective, observational, multicentre study
L. Zapata, C. Guía, R. Gómez, T. García-Paredes, L. Colinas, E. Portugal-Rodriguez, I. Rodado, I. Leache, A. Fernández-Ferreira, I.A. Hermosilla-Semikina, F. Roche-Campo
Available online 20 October 2022
Early lung autopsy in deceased patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome due to infection by SARS-CoV-2
F. Rodriguez, N. Nin, A. Fajardo, M. Auchayna, R. Guerendiaín, J. Hurtado
Available online 20 October 2022
Fluid responsiveness assessment using inferior vena cava collapsibility among spontaneously breathing patients: Systematic review and meta-analysis
L.C.M. Cardozo Júnior, G.S.D. Lemos, B.A.M.P. Besen
Available online 20 October 2022
Improving echographic monitoring of hemodynamics in critically ill patients: Validation of right cardiac output measurements through the modified subcostal window
L. Colinas Fernández, G. Hernández Martínez, M.B. Serna Gandía, G. Tuero León, P. Cuesta-Montero, R. Cuena Boy, R. Vicho Pereira
Available online 20 October 2022
Lung ultrasound protocol decreases radiation in newborn population without side effects: A quality improvement project
J. Rodriguez-Fanjul, N. Benet, C. Rodrigo Gonzalo de Lliria, R. Porta, G. Guinovart, S. Bobillo-Pérez
Available online 20 October 2022
Multicenter validation of Early Warning Scores for detection of clinical deterioration in COVID-19 hospitalized patients
I.A. Huespe, I.C. Bisso, E.S. Roman, E. Prado, N. Gemelli, J. Sinner, M.L. Heras, M.R. Risk
Available online 20 October 2022
Neck pulsatility in a breathless patient
J. Corona-Lapuerta, A. Roldan-Reina, L. Martin-Villen
Available online 20 October 2022
Point of care ultrasound to diagnose real-time intraventricular hemorrhage in a crashing extremely preterm newborn
J. Rodríguez-Fanjul
Available online 20 October 2022
Ultrasound assessment of pulmonary abscess
S. Mongodi, S. Bonaiti, F. Mojoli
Available online 20 October 2022
PEEP titration by EIT strategies for patients with ARDS: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Mengnan Yu, Yanjun Deng, Jun Cha, Lingyan Jiang, Mingdeng Wang, Shigang Qiao, Chen Wang
Available online 13 October 2022
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