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Analysis of adherence to an early mobilization protocol in an intensive care unit: Data collected prospectively over a period of three years by the clinical information system
P. Perelló, J. Gómez, J. Mariné, M.T. Cabas, A. Arasa, Z. Ramos, D. Moya, I. Reynals, M. Bodí, M. Magret
Available online 5 November 2022
Anti-endotoxin antibodies consumption in cardiovascular collapse: Pathophysiological concerns
E. Villarreal, P. Ramírez, M. Gordon, C. Vicent, M.D. Gómez, L. de Hevia, K. Vacacela, R. Alonso, J. Vila
Available online 5 November 2022
Glucometrics in the first week of critical illness and its association with mortality
V. Sundarsingh, B. Poddar, S. Saran, S.K. Jena, A. Azim, M. Gurjar, R.K. Singh, A.K. Baronia
Available online 5 November 2022
Halogenated anesthetics vs intravenous hypnotics for short and long term sedation in the intensive care unit: A meta-analysis
V. Likhvantsev, G. Landoni, N. Ermokhina, M. Yadgarov, L. Berikashvili, K. Kadantseva, O. Grebenchikov, L. Okhinko, A. Kuzovlev
Available online 5 November 2022
Impacts of a fraction of inspired oxygen adjustment protocol in COVID-19 patients under mechanical ventilation: A prospective cohort study
E.P. Gomes, M.M. Reboredo, G.B. Costa, F.S. Barros, E.V. Carvalho, B.V. Pinheiro
Available online 5 November 2022
Long-term functional outcomes of children after critical illnesses: A cohort study
V.C. Dannenberg, P.M.E. Rovedder, P.R.A. Carvalho
Available online 5 November 2022
Machine-learning models for prediction of sepsis patients mortality
C. Bao, F. Deng, S. Zhao
Available online 5 November 2022
Myocardial injury as a prognostic factor in critically ill patients with severe SARS-Cov-2 pneumonia
C. Villavicencio, X. Daniel, C. Ferré, M. Cartanyá, Á. Pobo, I. Oliva, M. Roure, J. Leache, M. Bodí
Available online 5 November 2022
Prognostic value of the novel P/FPE index to classify ARDS severity: A cohort study
F.D. Martos-Benítez, R. Estévez-Muguercia, V. Orama-Requejo, T. del Toro-Simoni
Available online 5 November 2022
Model for competence acquisition of skills in donation and transplant for resident physicians in intensive medicine
J.M. Pérez Villares, L. Alarcón Martínez, P. Fernández Florido
Available online 1 November 2022
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