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Vol. 46. Issue 3.
Pages 123-178 (March 2022)
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Original articles
Epidemiology of blood transfusion in the Spanish Critical Care Units: «Transfusion Day»
M. Quintana-Diaz, K. Nanwani-Nanwani, P. Marcos-Neira, A. Serrano-Lázaro, R. Juarez-Vela, E.M. Andrés-Esteban
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:123-31
High serum nitrates levels in non-survivor COVID-19 patients
L. Lorente, F. Gómez-Bernal, M.M. Martín, J.A. Navarro-Gonzálvez, M. Argueso, A. Perez, L. Ramos-Gómez, J. Solé-Violán, J.A. Marcos y Ramos, N. Ojeda, A. Jiménez
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:132-9
Review article
Enhancing sepsis management through machine learning techniques: A review
N. Ocampo-Quintero, P. Vidal-Cortés, L. del Río Carbajo, F. Fdez-Riverola, M. Reboiro-Jato, D. Glez-Peña
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:140-56
Point of view
Trigger transfusion in severe traumatic brain injury
J.J. Egea-Guerrero, I. García-Sáez, M. Quintana-Díaz
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:157-60
Scientific letters
Invasive mechanical ventilation and prolonged prone position during the COVID-19 pandemic
P. Concha, M. Treso-Geira, C. Esteve-Sala, C. Prades-Berengué, J. Domingo-Marco, F. Roche-Campo
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:161-3
Open access
Blood glucose monitoring. Nationwide multicentre study
M. Raurell-Torredà, S. Arias-Rivera
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:164-5
The importance of self-protection plans in times of pandemic
D. González Romero, L. Santana Cabrera, J.C. Martín González
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:165-6
First and second wave of coronavirus-19 disease: A comparative study in patients hospitalized in an ICU of a third-level university hospital
A. González-Castro, E. Cuenca Fito, A. Fernandez, P. Escudero Acha, J.C. Rodríguez Borregán, Y. Peñasco
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:166-8
Validation and psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Measure of Moral Distress for Health Care Professionals (MMD-HP-SPA)
E. Rodriguez-Ruiz, M. Campelo-Izquierdo, A. Estany-Gestal, A.B. Hortas, M.S. Rodríguez-Calvo, A. Rodríguez-Núñez
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:169-70
Letters to the editor
Validation of medical researchs
L. Lorente, A. Jiménez
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:172-3
Decibans: It is time to weigh the evidence about diagnostic accuracy
V. Modesto i Alapont, A. Medina-Villanueva
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:173-4
Images in intensive medicine
Meningeal empyema
N.A. Gemelli, N.M. Ciarrocchi, E. San Roman
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:176
Spontaneous and idiopathic coronary dissection of the left main coronary artery occurring in a young and healthy woman
D.I. Gentille Lorente, M. Faiges Borrás, C. Moreno Ambroj
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:177-8
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