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Vol. 47. Issue 2.
Pages 65-128 (February 2023)
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Original articles
Clinical outcomes according to timing to invasive ventilation due to noninvasive ventilation failure in children
F.D. Bustos-Gajardo, S.I. Luarte-Martínez, S.A. Dubo Araya, R.S. Adasme Jeria
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:65-72
Association between septic patient mortality and blood survivin concentrations
L. Lorente, M.M. Martín, R. Ortiz-López, A. Pérez-Cejas, C. Ferrer-Moure, A. Jiménez, A.F. González-Rivero
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:84-9
Update in intensive care medicine: severe infections due to multi-resistant gram-negative bacilli
Review article
Scientific letters
Survey on the employment situation of intensivists in their early career
J.A. Barea Mendoza, L. Galarza Barrachina, B. Lobo Valbuena, L. López de la Oliva Calvo, M. Martínez Martínez, I. Barrero García, S. Pajares Martínez
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:110-2
Traumatic cerebrovascular injury
G. Morales Varas(), F. Morán Gallego, A. Pedrosa Guerrero, V. Merlo González, M. Márquez Doblas, L. Marina Martínez
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:112-5
Mechanical power greater than 17 joules/min in patients with respiratory failure secondary to SARS-CoV-2 infection
A. González-Castro, E. Cuenca Fito, A. Fernandez-Rodriguez, P. Escudero Acha, J.C. Rodríguez Borregán, Y. Peñasco
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:115-7
Images in intensive medicine
ST segment elevation with PR depression
F. de la Cuerda, A. Rojas, F. Alfonso
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:118-9
Diagnosis of diaphragmatic paralysis by ultrasound after cardiac surgery
A. Santos Peral, A. Gómez Carranza, R. Vicho Pereira
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:120-1
Jump to the diagnosis from Hampton's hump
L.-T. Keng, H.-Y. Pan
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:122-3
Diagnosis of cavitated pneumonia by lung ultrasound
A. Gómez Carranza, A. Santos Peral, R. Vicho Pereira
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:124
Persistence of bidirectional ventricular communication after myocardial infarctation: Utility of contrast
J.A. Lameirão-Gaspar, R. Martín-Bermúdez, A. Adsuar-Gómez
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:125-6
Just another sepsis case? Lemmel's syndrome presenting as acute cholangitis
A.M. Ioan, B. Sobrino Guijarro, A. Santos
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:127
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