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Vol. 45. Issue 8.
Pages e25-e50 Pages 447-512 (November 2021)
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Original articles
Factors affecting sleep quality in Intensive Care Units
M.D. Bernat Adell, L. Galarza Barrachina, E. Bisbal Andrés, G. Cebrián Graullera, G. Pagés Aznar, M.Á. Morán Marmaneu, M.D. Ferrandiz Selles, A. Melgarejo Urendez
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:470-6
Characteristics of prolonged noninvasive ventilation in emergency departments and impact upon effectiveness. Analysis of the VNICat registry
M. Arranz, J. Jacob, M. Sancho-Ramoneda, À. Lopez, M.C. Navarro-Sáez, J.R. Cousiño-Chao, X. López-Altimiras, F. López i Vengut, O. García-Trallero, A. German, J. Farré-Cerdà, J. Zorrilla
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:477-84
Special article
Management of infectious complications associated with coronavirus infection in severe patients admitted to ICU
Á. Estella, P. Vidal-Cortés, A. Rodríguez, D. Andaluz Ojeda, I. Martín-Loeches, E. Díaz, B. Suberviola, M.P. Gracia Arnillas, M. Catalán González, F. Álvarez-Lerma, P. Ramírez, X. Nuvials, M. Borges, R. Zaragoza
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:485-500
Point of view
Scientific letters
Organization of attention to infectious pathology in critical care units in Spain
P. Vidal-Cortés, X. Nuvials-Casals, E. Maseda-Garrido, S. Sancho-Chinesta, B. Suberviola-Cañas, R. González-Castro, M. Nieto-Cabrera, E. Díaz-Santos, G. Aguilar
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e25-e28
First experience with the use of REBOA in abdominal and pelvic trauma: Report of 2 cases
I. Martín Badía, A. Marcos Morales, J.A. Barea Mendoza, C. Mudarra Reche, C. García Fuentes, M. Chico Fernández
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e29-e30
Epidemiology of contrast-associated acute kidney injury in critical patients. NEFROCON study
S. Mas-Font, M.E. Herrera-Gutierrez, C. Gómez-González, D. Herrera-Rojas, R. Montoiro-Allue, F. Sánchez-Morán, M.A. García-García
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e31-e33
Histolo-radiological dissociation in pulmonary fibrosis secondary to SARS-CoV-2 infection
M. Peiro Chamarro, P. Ruiz de Gopegui Miguelena, I. Sampedro Martín, A. Callau Calvo, M.T. Martínez Lamazares, C. Fuertes Schott
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e34-e36
Failure of non-invasive ventilation after use of high-flow oxygen therapy in patients with SARS-Coronavirus-2 pneumonia
A. Belenguer-Muncharaz, H. Hernández-Garcés
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e37-e39
Early mortality risk stratification after SARS-CoV-2 infection
D.J. Lundon, B.D. Kelly, S. Nair, D.M. Bolton, N. Kyprianou, P. Wiklund, A. Tewari
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e40-e42
Post-Intensive Care syndrome: Ample room for improvement. Data analysis after one year of implementation of a protocol for prevention and management in a second level hospital
B. Lobo-Valbuena, M.D. Sánchez Roca, M.P. Regalón Martín, J. Torres Morales, D. Varillas Delgado, F. Gordo
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e43-e46
Age as a limiting factor of admission to an intensive care unit
P. Escudero-Acha, O. Leizaola, N. Lázaro, M. Cordero, I. Gomez-Acebo, A. González-Castro
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e47-e49
Letters to the editor
High-flow oxygen therapy in acute hypoxemic respiratory failure secondary to COVID-19 pneumonia
D.A. Godoy, N. Graneros, L. Oyarzabal, F. Murillo-Cabezas
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:506-8
The need for rigorous analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of high flow oxygen therapy during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
A. González-Castro, A. Medina, V. Modesto i Alapont, E. Cuenca-Fito, A. Fernandez-Rodríguez, Y. Peñasco
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:508-9
Image in intensive medicine
Early diagnosis of traumatic diaphragmatic rupture
L. Monge Sola, P.E. Edroso Jarne, R. Vicho Pereira
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:510-1
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