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Vol. 45. Issue 7.
Pages e1-e24 Pages 387-446 (October 2021)
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Original articles
Esophageal pressure monitoring during mechanical ventilation in critically ill adult patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis
L.I. Garegnani, P. Rosón Rodriguez, J.V.A. Franco, C. Escobar Liquitay
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:387-94
Early postoperative mortality in liver transplant recipients involving indications other than hepatocellular carcinoma. A retrospective cohort study
J.C. Pozo-Laderas, I. Guler, M. Rodríguez-Perálvarez, J.C. Robles, A. Mula, P. López-Cillero, C. de la Fuente
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:395-410
Acceptance and validity of the methods used to implement a competency based medical education programme in an Intensive Care Department of a teaching referral center
A. Castellanos-Ortega, M.J. Broch, M. Barrios, M.C. Fuentes-Dura, M.D. Sancerni-Beitia, C. Vicent, R. Gimeno, P. Ramírez, F. Pérez, R. García-Ros
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:411-20
Effect of half-molar sodium lactate infusion on biochemical parameters in critically ill patients
I. Aramendi, A. Stolovas, S. Mendaña, A. Barindelli, W. Manzanares, A. Biestro
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:421-30
Special article
Aggressive alveolar recruitment in ARDS: More shadows than lights
M. Lomeli, L. Dominguez Cenzano, L. Torres, U. Chavarría, M. Poblano, F. Tendillo, L. Blanch, J. Mancebo
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:431-6
Point of view
Management of the difficult to sedate patient in the Intensive Care Setting
S. Alcántara Carmona, M. García Sánchez
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:437-41
Scientific letters
Survey of neurocritical patient care in Spain. Part 2: Cerebrovascular disease
J.A. Llompart-Pou, J.A. Barea-Mendoza, J. Pérez-Bárcena, M. Sánchez-Casado, M.Á. Ballesteros-Sanz, M. Chico-Fernández
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e1-e3
Evolution of poisoned patients admitted to Spanish intensive care units: Comparing two periods
A. Socias Mir, S. Nogué Xarau, R.M. Alcaraz Peñarrocha, I. Morán Chorro, F.J. Montero Clavero, M. Palomar Martínez
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e4-e6
The first year of experience with an extracorporeal resuscitation program for refractory in-hospital cardiac arrest
J.I. Chico-Carballas, A. Touceda-Bravo, S. Freita-Ramos, D. Mosquera-Rodriguez, V. Gómez-Casal, M. Piñon-Esteban
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e7-e10
Color doppler ultrasound is a precise method to evaluate the position of the nasogastric tube in critical ill patients
N.B. Acosta Pedemonte, D.H. Bagilet, N.S. Rocchetti, G.V. Torresan, N.A. Rodríguez, C.J. Settecase
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e11-e14
Double trigger and Pseudo-reverse-trigger?
J.A. Benítez Lozano, C. de la Fuente Martos, J.M. Serrano Simón
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e15-e17
Admission to intensive care due to severe bronchiolitis in Colombia: How are we with respect to the rest of Latin America?
P. Vásquez-Hoyos, R. Pardo-Carrero, J.C. Jaramillo-Bustamante, S. González-Dambrauskas, C. Carvajal, F. Diaz
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e18-e21
Increase in the incidence of chronic critical disease in a University Hospital over eight years
M.M. Capeletti, A.L. Mezzaroba, F. Morakami, M.T. Tanita, J. Festti, C.M.D. de Maio Carrilho, L.T.Q. Cardoso, C.M. Carvalho Grion
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:e22-e24
Letters to the editor
Critically ill patients infected with HIV: 15 years of experience
A. Agrifoglio Rotaeche, L. Cachafeiro Fuciños, M. Hernández Bernal, A. García de Lorenzo y Mateos
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:442-3
Reply to “Critically ill patients infected with HIV: 15 years of experience”
P. Vidal-Cortés, L. del Río-Carbajo, Á. Castro-Iglesias
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:443-4
Images in intensive medicine
Should abdominal ultrasound be the first image choice test in necrotizing enterocolitis?
A. Batista Muñoz, O. Otero Vaccarello, J. Rodriguez-Fanjul
Med Intensiva. 2021;45:445-6
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