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Vol. 46. Issue 11.
Pages 607-668 (November 2022)
Sumario en español
Less is not always more
M. Batlle Solà, C. Subirà Cuyàs
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:607-8
Original articles
Intermediate tidal volume is an acceptable option for ventilated patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome
S.-H. Wu, C.-T. Kor, C.-Y. Li, Y.-C. Hsiao
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:609-18
Secondary use of data extracted from a clinical information system to assess the adherence of tidal volume and its impact on outcomes
S. Manrique, M. Ruiz-Botella, A. Rodríguez, F. Gordo, J.J. Guardiola, M. Bodí, J. Gómez
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:619-29
Update in intensive care medicine: severe infections due to multi-resistant gram-negative bacilli
Antibiotics in development for multiresistant gram-negative bacilli
A. Rodríguez, G. Moreno, M. Bodi, I. Martín-Loeches
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:630-40
Point of view
Inclusion of protocols for the prevention and management of delirium in PICUs: Emerging challenges in the care of pediatric critical patients
M. Padilla Lamadrid, C. Durantez-Fernández, M.Á. Barba-Pérez
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:641-4
Scientific letters
Acute cor pulmonale in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome due to COVID-19
L. Zapata, J.C. Suárez-Montero, M.N. Flores-Orella, E.M. Morales-Alarcón, A. Segarra, J.A. Santos-Rodríguez
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:645-7
Air leak in post COVID-19 patients: Incidence, ICU course and outcomes
D. Juneja, A. Goel, O. Singh, S. Kataria, A. Gupta, A. Singh
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:648-50
Gastric residual volume management in pediatric intensive care units in Spain and Latin America
M.J. Solana, G. Manrique, J. López, M. Slocker, J. López-Herce
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:650-1
Contents of the reception guide for relatives of Spanish intensive care units: Multicenter study
J. Valls-Matarín, M. del Cotillo-Fuente
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:654-7
Letters to the editor
Reply to “Usefulness of the PIRO system to predict mortality in patients with severe infection in the emergency department”
V. Caramello, A.V. De Salve, A. Macciotta, A. Boccuzzi
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:661-2
Images in intensive medicine
Pneumomediastinum in critically ill adult with COVID-19
N. Collercandy, A. Guillon
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:663
Gas embolism following extracorporeal circulation
J.J. González-Contreras, A. Fernández-Galilea, C. León-Moya
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:664-5
Inverted Tako-Tsubo cardiomyopathy as the first cardiac manifestation in patient with Steinert’s disease
M. Negreira Caamaño, M.T. López Lluva, J. Abellán Huerta
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:666-7
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