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Vol. 42. Issue 2.
Pages 71-138 (March 2018)
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Utility of calcium and phosphorus metabolism biomarkers in the stratification of acute coronary syndrome
J.L. Pérez Vela
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:71-2
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Parathyroid hormone, calcidiol, calcitriol and adverse events in the acute coronary syndrome
P. Ramos Ruiz, L. Jaulent Huertas, M. Castañeda Sancirilo, J.J. Martínez Díaz, G. Clavel Ruipérez, L. García de Guadiana Romualdo, S. Wasniewski, M. Merelo Nicolás, I. García Escribano, F. Soria Arcos, J.A. Castillo Moreno, L. Consuegra Sánchez
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:73-81
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Predictive validity and reliability of the Braden scale for risk assessment of pressure ulcers in an intensive care unit
M. Lima-Serrano, M.I. González-Méndez, C. Martín-Castaño, I. Alonso-Araujo, J.S. Lima-Rodríguez
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:82-91
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The accuracy of PiCCO¨r) in measuring cardiac output in patients under therapeutic hypothermia: Comparison with transthoracic echocardiography
T. Souto Moura, S. Aguiar Rosa, N. Germano, R. Cavaco, T. Sequeira, M. Alves, A.L. Papoila, L. Bento
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:92-8
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Special article
Humanization in healthcare arises from the need for a holistic approach to illness
C. de la Fuente-Martos, M. Rojas-Amezcua, M.R. Gómez-Espejo, P. Lara-Aguayo, E. Morán-Fernandez, E. Aguilar-Alonso
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:99-109
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Point of view
Are outpatient clinics justified in intensive care medicine?
P. Extremera, J.M. Añón, A. García de Lorenzo
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:110-3
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Do sedation and analgesia contribute to long-term cognitive dysfunction in critical care survivors?
S. Fernandez-Gonzalo, M. Turon, C. De Haro, J. López-Aguilar, M. Jodar, L. Blanch
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:114-28
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Scientific letters
Which multi-trauma patients benefit from performing a total-body CT?
S. Dios-Barbeito, V. Durán-Muñoz-Cruzado, C. Martín-García, M. Rubio-Manzanares-Dorado, F.J. Padillo-Ruiz, F. Pareja-Ciuró
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:129-31
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Interhospital transfers of a mobile team for organ preservation with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in controlled donors after circulatory death
J.M. Pérez-Villares, R. Lara-Rosales
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:131-3
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Letters to the editor
Comparative statistical analysis in observational epidemiological studies
A. Bosch-Gaya, L. Matute-Blanco, D. Fernández-Rodríguez, F. Worner
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:134-5
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Open Article
Improvement of the safety of a clinical process using failure mode and effects analysis: Prevention of venous thromboembolic disease in critically ill patients
R. Viejo Moreno, J.A. Sánchez-Izquierdo Riera, E. Molano Álvarez, J.A. Barea Mendoza, S. Temprano Vázquez, L. Díaz Castellano, J.C. Montejo González
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:135-6
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Image in intensive medicine
Fulminant sepsis caused by Clostridium perfringens
A. Guridi Mugica, L. Marti Gelonch, R. Jimenez Agüero
Med Intensiva. 2018;42:137
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